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5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Website

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March 14, 2019 11:35 am

Sometimes I get asked “does my business really need a website?” Well, I’m sure no-one reading this will be at all surprised that my response is always a big fat YES!

I’m awfully biased, because I am in the business of creating websites. However, I have very good reasons why having a website for your business is only going to benefit you. One of the reasons is because of what is happening this very minute. Instagram and Facebook are currently down, and have been down for the past 5 hours! This also effects Messenger and WhatsApp. So let’s look at why having a website for your business is important:

1. You own your website and can present your brand how you want.

Owning your own piece of the online world ensures that you are managing how the world sees your business. It gives you the ability to offer your customers a great feel for your brand from the get-go and highlight info that’s important to them. Your brand message, imagery, and reputation can get muddied on a social network, due to visibility of your business account page layout, user comments and reviews. It also is much more professional to have your own website so people can see you’re legitimate and this credibility can also come from an email that uses your company name, rather than a hotmail or gmail address, which can give the impression that you’re not serious about your business.

2. You are not reliant on a third party platform.

Currently, Facebook and Instagram are down. If you only have an Instagram or Facebook page for your business, then your customers have been unable to connect with you for the entire morning. Of course, websites can also experience outages, but if you’re with a reputable web host, these outages are very unusual and only occur for a few minutes (in my years of experience).

3. A website can lay out information in an easy and simple format.

Recently, I was looking for a place to have lunch for a group of 8, which included 2 vegans and a toddler. So the restaurant had to be suitable for a toddler, as well as have vegan options on the menu. I also wanted to be able to book online for convenience. Over the course of 2 days, when I had 5 minutes to look for a restaurant in between working and looking after that aforementioned toddler, I became very frustrated that most of these places only had a Facebook page, and I could not find their menu in many cases, and the only way to contact them was to call. I ended up booking a cafe that did have a website so I could at least check through their menu. I often see beauty salons with ONLY an Instagram page. I would much rather see a list of services they offer, their prices and a quick look at their salon to get a feel for what it’s like. I don’t want to be scrolling through their profile to try and pull out this information myself, if it even exists.

4. Not everyone is on a social network

My husband and business partner practically lives at his computer and has been immersed in the digital and gaming world for 20 years, but he does not have a Facebook or Instagram account. Some people are private, millennials aren’t big Facebook users, and Baby Boomers aren’t big Instagrammers either. Therefore you can’t assume your target market is on one of these platforms.

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5. Websites are more widely searchable

Investing in a very well built website that is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) is a much better long term investment than relying on social media activity to be found by your customers. You have to work very hard and invest a lot of time (or money) to keep up with the Facebook and/or Instagram algorithm (which changes often) in order to have visibility. This is ongoing and requires weekly, or even daily, activity on the platform. If you have time and knowledge to invest, then that’s absolutely fine, go for it! It’s great for overall search engine ranking anyway. But keep in mind also, that you may have great results being found via Google if your site is ranking highly. If you’re able to maintain your website and social activity, then ranking highly in google search results is free (e.g. you’re not paying for ads to become visible). But, you can also achieve direct hits of traffic via sophisticated Google Ads if your audience uses Google to search for products or services you offer and your SEO is not quite up to scratch.

If you want to have a chat about our small business website options, get in touch.

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