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Frequently asked Questions

  • What sort of websites do you do?

    • We cater to small start-ups all the way up to large companies with physical store fronts and/or online stores. We create original designs for all of our clients and they are always responsive (a website that works on all devices).
  • How much do they cost?

    • Very broadly speaking, a website can cost between $1,200 and $8,500. We said it was broad! What you really need to know is that we’re priced highly competitively for the quality we produce and the experience we bring.
  • What is included in that cost?

    • Lots! Custom designs and custom responsive web development. Custom means we create unique designs based off your brief (no templates) and create an entirely new cleanly coded website unique to your business (no templates). The difference between a custom build and a customised template is huge (ask us).  We also make sure your website is SEO compliant (to be found on Google), linked into Google Analytics so you can measure site visits, photo or graphic touch ups when required or we’ll source photography for you, an easy to use Content Management System (custom WordPress), and complimentary WordPress guide. As a bonus, you get two highly successful individuals that can guide you on your online marketing journey to help you grow your business, and we’re always up for a chat.
  • How do payments work?

    • We ask for 30% up front before we start on your project. After we’ve delivered a cracking web design that you love (;-)), we ask for the next instalment which is 50% so we can start building your website. Upon completion of your website, the final 20% is due so we can put your site live. These amounts are subject to change depending on the project.
  • What are you terms for website hosting?

    • If you host your website with us, you will not have direct access to your website files. We manage shared web hosting for a number of clients, and therefore you will need to come through us to make changes to your website files, such as code changes or changes to MX Records. If you fail to make payment on your hosting or another job you have asked us to undertake on your website, we have the right to take your site offline if the payment is not made. This would be a last resort. If you want to move your website to another host, we can undertake that task for a small fee. See full terms and conditions. We no longer offer shared hosting, so we recommend you purchase hosting seperately.
  • How good are you at what you do?

    • We don’t usually blow our own horn, but in this highly competitive business, we’ve learnt that we have to blow it from time to time. So here goes…we’re bloody brilliant at what we do! We have worked with Nike, Coca-Cola, Xbox, Whiskas, The FA and Universal Pictures and for some of the most dynamic and successful people in the digital industry globally…so we definitely know what we’re doing, and that is our competitive edge. Ok, horn blowing over.
  • Can you prove to me how good you are?

  • What have you done for other people?

    • We have created great websites for sole traders that have not had any marketing collateral to work with. We’re really good at getting under the skin of what a business is about and creating professionally designed content to reflect that. We have generated online marketing campaign ideas and advertising strategies for small businesses. In our past professional lives, we’ve managed large teams, controlled huge social media accounts, presented digital campaigns to rooms of professionals and even helped film video game premiere’s – our experience is full and varied!
  • How easy will it be for me?

    • We like to make things as simple as possible for the business owner. From the outset we explain in person or over the phone what we will need from the business owner and what to expect over the coming days. We document everything so the owner has a paper trail of what was agreed with both parties. With all of that out of the way, the communication is either kept to a minimum or provided daily depending on what the business owner prefers.
  • How much time will it take?

    • On average, we find a non-ecommerce website takes about 2-4 weeks (if we have all of the website content we need) and an e-commerce websites takes between 5-7 weeks. Timing can depend on how busy we are, when we receive stuff we might need in order to develop the project, or when we receive feedback and/or approvals to move ahead to the next stage.
  • Why would I use you over another company?

    • Good question! It’s hard for us to answer, and for any company to truly answer, as we all claim to be skilled in what we offer. Trust is a huge part of any relationship, and so we’d like to think that you can trust us whole heartedly to do the best job possible. We truly do produce world class standard responsive websites. With our professional backgrounds in all things digital and current knowledge of online marketing channels, you’re not just getting a web design and basic build, but the added value of having someone look after you from a more holistic point of view.
  • What is the benefit of using you as opposed to building it myself?

    • Ever messed up a piece of IKEA furniture even though you were following the instructions? It’s happened to us all. It’s a bit the same with a DIY website. They’re cheap, seem good on the surface, but scratch a little deeper and you’ll find they don’t function the way you want them to, and you can’t add functionality later on. Also, some people could not design their way out of a paper bag. Harsh but true. I wrote an article about the benefits of using a professional vs a DIY website.
  • What happens afterwards?

    • I’ve heard some horror stories of business owners never being able to contact their web designer again after the money had been paid. This will not happen with us. We’ll be in touch to make sure you’re still happy with your website or online campaign. We care that you’re happy and we want to hear that your business has grown as a result of it. We’ll be on the end of the phone or email whenever you have a question or a problem.
  • Can you make my website found on Google?

    • We’ll try our hardest! Part of it is down to you – the content on your website needs to be cleverly written and contain relevant words and phrases, and you’ll want to find ways to have links to your website from other sources. You’ll also want to list your business on various sources such as Google+ and Yellow Pages. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of the rest – the rest being that your website is Search Engine Optimised, your sitemap submitted, and your tags and titles all tickety-boo. We have achieved top search rankings for this business who has been a regular client of ours for the past 4 years..
  • What advertising should I do?

    • There’s not a one size fits all here, it depends on your business. Google Ads work wonders for some, whereas Instagram is a winner for others. You might have a pile of business cards and therefore an email list and regular newsletter might create several leads or repeat business instead. It’s about getting to know your business first so we can recommend what channels to pursue.
  • Where are you based?

    • We are currently based in Cheltenham, Victoria, but have worked with business in London, America and across Australia. Our Melbourne based clients are happy we’re local to them, and it is nice to do face-to-face meetings.
  • Do you offer ongoing support?

    • Yes of course. We’re not fans of becoming a stranger. We can be a constant presence or like an acquaintance that you speak to twice a year. Whatever suits you best.
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